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Bank accounts

Způsoby placení

What are the payment options with us?

Paying in cash costs money and time and therefore we also use non-cash payments.

You can make payments to our account (see below or according to information given in your policy):

  1. by standing payment order
  2. by direct debit from your account
  3. using a collective direct debit (SIPO)

If you are still uncertain about how to pay, please call us at +420 241 170 000

Banking information – insurance

Choose one of the three categories depending on the type of your insurance.

Life insurance:

  • Life insurance – endowment and risk insurance
  • Unit-linked life insurance

Account number: 2700 / 2700
Variabile symbol: policy number
Specific symbol: optional
IBAN account number: CZ3827000000000000002700

Non-life insurance:

  • Motor insurance – motor third-party liability, hull and fleet insurance
  • Property and liability insurance for private individuals
  • Travel insurance
  • Business and industry insurance

Account number: 2727 / 2700
Variabile symbol: policy number
Specific symbol: optional
IBAN account number: CZ8527000000000000002727

*Travel insurance can be also paid to account number:182-38138021/0100

Banking information – pensions

Pension products:

  • Supplementary pension savings
  • Supplementary pension schemes

Please note the new account number!

Please change the account number in your payment orders without delay, effective as of 3 January 2014.

New account number:3033 / 2700
Variabile symbol: policy number
Fixed symbol: 3558 (subscriber); 3552 (employer)
IBAN account number: CZ68 2700 0000 0000 0000 3033

Instructions for making payments to the Czech Republic from abroad



Types of payment are identified using the fixed, variable and specific symbols.

Employers can pay contributions:

  • in individual payments for each employee
  • in one collective payment for all the employees


Collective payments from employers in respect of supplementary pension savings and supplementary pension schemes

Account number: 3033/2700
Variabile symbol: employer’s corporate ID No.

Please send electronic breakdowns to your collective payments.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I enter the account number correctly?

    In some cases, your banking system may require a 10-digit account number and fails to add the required zeros before the account number.

    Not a big deal, you surely can add the zeros yourself. For example – the life insurance account number will be 0000002700 / 2700.

  • How do I set up new direct debit from my account?
    1. Agree with your financial institution on new authorization of direct debits from your account to the relevant accounts:
      Check the order twice to make sure. One never knows. Pay particular attention to the settings of the amount for your new direct debit order.

      • Life insurance: 2700 / 2700
      • Non-life  insurance: 2727 / 2700
      • Pension products: 3033 / 2700
    2. Inform us about the direct debit authorization by calling us at: +420 241 170 000 or sending us an e-mail to:
    3. For pension products, setting up or changing the direct debit must be reported in writing to:

      Allianz penzijní společnost, a. s.
      Ke Štvanici 656/3
      186 00 Praha 8

      We will modify your policy as soon as we receive the confirmation. The confirmation is really necessary; otherwise you will experience trouble with your insurance payments.

      Note: Having a Unicredit account, you only need to enter the direct debit authorization once for multiple insurance policies. However, the direct debit limit must be at least the sum of premiums under all the policies. To make things clear, here is a brief example: If you pay motor insurance in the amount of CZK 5,000 and property insurance in the amount of CZK 3,000 by direct debit from your account, authorize direct debits with your bank for account number 2727 / 2700 with a limit of at least CZK 8,000.
      Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
  • What are the benefits of different payment methods?

    Direct debit from your account

    • The money is debited automatically
    • You don’t need to always check the due date
    • You pay lower fees compared against postal money orders

    Collective direct debit (SIPO)

    • You don’t need to always check the due date
    • Forget bills sent by mail

    Simple wire transfer

    • You pay less compared against postal money orders
    • Of course, your money is more safe this way

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