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Mortgage loans

Saving your time with multiple offers in one place.

Why should you take out a mortgage loan with Allianz?

We save your time. Our cooperation with the market’s leading mortgage loan providers spares you from visiting different banks and waiting for a quote.

With us, you get multiple offers from more banks. Quality loan insurance is then a matter of course.

Moreover, our clients receive discounted interest rates.

  • comprehensive financial advisory in one place
  • low interest rates
  • quality cover against unexpected events
  • opportunity to defer your instalments
  • discount on real property insurance to your mortgage loan
  • mortgage loans not requiring a proof of income

What mortgage loans do we provide?

We offer two financing options – purpose-bound and non-purpose mortgage loans, particularly different in their parameters and prices.

Special-purpose mortgage loans are provided to buy a home for the client’s use or a different real estate.

Non-purpose mortgage loans can be used for anything. These loans have specific collateral requirements and usually imply higher interest rates than special-purpose mortgage loans.

Special-purpose loans:

  • to buy, build or reconstruct a real estate
  • to settle ownership
  • investments in real property
  • refunding of your own money used
  • combined housing purposes
  • pre-mortgage loans
  • loans under building saving schemes

Non-purpose loans:

  • American mortgage loan
  • mortgage overdraft facility
  • consumer loans

How to take out a mortgage loan?

It’s simple. First, contact us using the inquiry form or send us an e-mail to:,
We will contact you within 48 hours in order to arrange for a personal meeting.

Allianz mortgage centre

We are cooperating with selected banks in the market, offering various financing options. Our network of mortgage loan specialists guarantees a professional approach.

We will prepare a tailored financing offer to suit your investment plan.

  • Komerční banka, a.s.
  • EXPOBANK CZ a.s.
  • Raiffeisenbank, a.s.
  • Unicredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia, a.s.
  • EQUA BANK a.s.
  • GE Money Bank, a. s.

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