24 hours helpline: 241 170 000

Sixth sense

Sixth sense protects you, your family and friends, and your car. It is an intelligent system of immediate assistance using advanced GPS and GSM technology.

It can save your life and lives of your dearest. The Sixth sense unit is connected to GPS. This way, in case of an emergency, the Allianz assistance service knows the exact location of your car.

Situations where the sixth sense helps


In the event of a severe accident the car automatically connects with the assistance service. The operator contacts you to get information about your condition. If you fail to answer, the operator automatically sends emergency help to the place of the accident. If you are able to answer the call, you will arrange for the assistance you need.

In the event of a minor accident you simply press a button marked with a cross and connect with our assistance service. You report your problem and we send help as required – an ambulance, tow service, etc. You don’t have to rely on your mobile phone.


The Sixth sense unit has a built-in movement sensor automatically sending a signal to our assistance HQ in the event of unauthorized handling of the vehicle, such as when disconnecting the battery or moving the vehicle without starting the engine.

Our operator will contact you to ask whether the vehicle is under your control. If it is not, the operator forwards the car’s GPS coordinates to the Czech Police with your consent.


Is your car broken down? Just press the button marked with a wrench on the voice communicator and connect with our assistance service.

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