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What car insurance should you choose?

Jak pojistit auto

With Allianz, you can build your own car insurance policy to suit your needs. Choose the scope and structure of insurance for your car or another road vehicle to cover the risks that trouble you the most.

  Motor third-party liability insurance ALLRISK comprehensive insurance MTPL + MINIRISK comprehensive insurance
Basic assistance               ano ano ano
Legal advice ano ano ano
Traffic accident   volitelné  
Collision of a moving car with an animal                             volitelné
Natural hazards         volitelné volitelné
Theft   volitelné  
Theft of the whole car   volitelné
Damage to a parked vehicle caused by an animal   volitelné
Operation of a vehicle as a work instrument   volitelné  
GAP – acquisition cost   volitelné  
Vehicle glass insurance (no limits)   volitelné  
Vehicle glass insurance (optional limit) volitelné   volitelné
Car luggage insurance   volitelné  
Direct claim adjustment volitelné   volitelné
Accident insurance covering policyholder’s children in the vehicle
Child safety seat insurance
volitelné volitelné volitelné
Driver’s accident insurance volitelné volitelné volitelné
Passengers’ accident insurance volitelné volitelné volitelné
PLUS assistance volitelné volitelné volitelné
Allianz Sixth sense assistance   volitelné  

Motor third-party liability insurance

Motor third-party liability insurance covers harms to health or damages to property caused by operation of your vehicle. It protects you against unexpected expenses related to the injured party’s financial claims. Cars, motorcycles, or other road vehicles cannot be operated or left parked on roads without motor third-party liability insurance.

Reasons to choose motor third-party liability insurance from Allianz

  • choice of 4 indemnity limits including the market’s top cover of 200 million crowns
  • free basic assistance and legal advice
  • you choose insurance riders to suit your needs – you know exactly what you paid for
  • possible direct claims adjustment – applies to property damage and harm to health caused to persons travelling in your car by operation of another vehicle

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ALLRISK comprehensive insurance

Motor comprehensive insurance covers risks related to damages to your vehicle. Build your own motor comprehensive insurance to suit your needs.

  • free basic assistance and legal advice
  • trouble-free claims adjustment process
  • valid all around Europe and in Turkey except Belarus, Russia and Ukraine
  • you can build your own insurance according to the risks that trouble you the most:
    • GAP insurance gives you certainty of indemnity in the amount of the purchase price of your car.
    • insurance covering all glasses of your vehicle including the roof window
    • car repairs using new spare parts

When should you opt for ALLRISK motor comprehensive insurance

We recommend our ALLRISK motor comprehensive insurance for new cars of up to 7 years of age. The product benefits from the possibility to choose insurance that suits your needs without paying for any unnecessary services that you would not use.

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MINIRISK comprehensive insurance

MINIRISK motor comprehensive insurance is always taken out along with motor third-party liability insurance. You choose the scope of the insurance. Out MINIRISK insurance is particularly suitable for cars older than 7 years.

  • choice of 4 types of insurance risks to be combined to suit your needs
  • you know exactly what you paid for
  • no deductibles
  • trouble-free handling of insurance claims
  • valid all around Europe and in Turkey except Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine

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