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Only Allianz gives you certainty of obtaining the same or higher indemnity than clients of the top five insurers under a daily allowance insurance or insurance for cases of permanent consequences of an accident.

You do not need to search for the best accident insurance and compare complicated indemnity tables.

We do all the work for you and match the indemnity with the highest value.

What does top indemnity guarantee stand for?

While under a death or serious illness insurance policy you set the indemnity amount, accident policies determinethe indemnity paid based on severity of the injury.

Every insurer maintains a different set of rules and procedures to assess the severity. Often enough, one insurer settles a different amount for the same claim than another.

We took a look a the issue from another perspective.

On a regular basis (at least twice a year) we draft an overview of assessment tables used by the top five insurers for daily allowance insurance and insurance for cases of permanent consequences of an accident.

If we find  ut that any of these insurers pays a higher amount to clients under severe claims, we at least match the indemnity amount. We aim at maintaining this guarantee as long as possible, however at least 10 years from the start of the insurance rider.

Why severe injuries?

Such injuries require long treatment, followed by physiotherapy, spa treatment, or purchase of diverse medical equipment – that means alot of money. Thus we want you to have the money and the necessary care.

A list of severe injuries that are subject to the guarantee can be found below. At the moment they include 166 items for daily allowance insurance and 87 items for permanent consequences of an accident.

Application of the guarantee to minor cases would make the insurance more expensive, which is not part of our plans.

How fast do we pay the money?

In one word – fast. The money is sent to your account immediately after having verified your diagnosis.
Upon a permanent consequence of an accident, we settle the claim immediately after the injury reaches a stable condition.

How to take out the insurance

Come see us at a branch office or arrange for a meeting with our advisor.

  • We will prepare a tailored insurance policy to suit your needs
  • We will provide you with professional advice

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