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Liability insurance

Nikdy nevíte, jakou škodu způsobíte

You never know what damage you may cause

Reasons to take out liability insurance

Even the most careful and crafty people may flood their neighbours when taking a bath or doing the laundry; your daughter may knock down an expensive vase in a store, your son may kick a ball through someone’s window.

Or, your dog runs away and causes an accident, snow from your roof falls on your neighbour’s car, your child on a bike causes an accident. By accident you may spill wine on a carpet in a hotel room or tear a rented wedding dress. Also, you may not be careful enough and break an item vested by your employer and you may be obliged to pay for it.

Life is full of inconvenient situations. Liability insurance will pay for damages you may cause.

Peaceful sleep, peaceful life

You choose what you need.


You choose what you need.

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Risks are logically grouped in a way that you choose only the group you need. Each group has a clear price.


The insurance applies to family members, as well as cohabiting partners, or just friends living together.

We also settle selected claims related to leased buildings.


We also settle selected claims related to leased buildings.

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We are one of the few insurers in the market to offer cover against damages to leased buildings.

If you live in a leased home, this insurance is designed for you.

What does the liability insurance cover?

Big threat common citizen activities, housekeeping, recreational sports (including cycling and horse riding), having a dog, using small boats
My house damages arising out of ownership of a building and privately owned apartment (where the insured permanently dwells), DIY construction works on the building
Animal without worries dog breeding (more than one), livestock breeding
Arms legal possession and use of arms (except hunting)
Health insurance resource cost of treatment, sickness benefits
Assistance works other people’s assistance in the household, during construction works or when taking care of animals
Travel safe extended to Europe
Lease damages to a leased building or unit
Accomodation facilities damages to accommodation facilities
Rented items damages to accepted items of property
Employment damages caused to the employer

How to take out the insurance

Take out the insurance over the telephone..

  • A fast and easy way to take out insurance

Come see us at a branch office or arrange for a meeting with our advisor.

  • We will prepare a tailored insurance policy to suit your needs
  • We will provide you with professional advice

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