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Golf insurance

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Good insurance never lets you stay out of bounds

Golf player insurance

Are you an amateur golf player? With PRO golf insurance from Allianz, you are covered against all game-related risks. It is valid across the world for 1 year.

It is advisable for players touring the local greens as well as those travelling abroad to play.

What does the insurance cover?

When only playing in the territory of the Czech Republic, we will settle all your costs if:

  • you accidentally cause damage to third-party property or harm someone’s health during your play
  • you get ill or injured – we will pay both your participation fee as well as annual player fees in the case of longer illness
  • someone steals or damages your golf equipment including an electric golf cart
  • your golf equipment kept in the vehicle is stolen or damage – regardless of whether the damage was caused on the golf course or in an adjacent parking lot.

The price of our PRO golf product also includes supplementary accident insurance.

Furthermore, we will pay the following on your behalf:

  • rent for emergency golf equipment in the event of delayed, lost, or damaged luggage in transport, as a result of a traffic accident, natural disaster, or theft from an accommodation facility.









Benefits of PRO golf insurance from Allianz include the amounts and types of indemnity limits. While rival insurers often set an annual financial limit for a particular insurance risk, Allianz keeps a limit for 1 insurance claim in respect of most insured risks, while the insurance claim can occur repeatedly during the year. And there is more – if you score a hole in one, you will receive a financial reward!

With you from one to eighteen


From delayed luggage to stolen and damaged equipment, or to a damaged car in the car park.


As the only insurer in the market.


If delayed, lost, or destroyed, we will cover the cost of renting substitute equipment.

Choose one of the variants to suit your current needs

  Normal Optimal Exclusive
Territorial validity World, including CR World, including CR World, including CR
Golf equipment insurance CZK 30,000 CZK 60,000 CZK 150,000
Death as a result of an accident CZK 200,000 CZK 400,000 CZK 600,000
Permanent consequences of an accident CZK 200,000 CZK 400,000 CZK 600,000
Liability – life and health* CZK 1,000,000 CZK 2,000,000 CZK 3,000,000
Liability – property* CZK 500,000 CZK 1,000,000 CZK 1,500,000
Liability for damages to rented items - - CZK 50,000
5% deductible, min. CZK 5,000
Rented substitute golf equipment CZK 1,000 /day, max. CZK 5,000 CZK 2,000 /day, max. CZK 10,000 CZK 3,000 /day, max. CZK 15,000
Membership fee insurance max. CZK 150 /day, max. CZK 30,000 max. CZK 250/day, max. CZK 50,000 max. CZK 300 /day, max. CZK 100,000
Green fee insurance CZK 3,000 CZK 5,000 CZK 10,000
Hole in One insurance CZK 20,000 CZK 30,000 CZK 40,000

*The limits provided apply to one insurance claim and one insured person. All claims under one policy are subject to a fivefold amount.

How to take out the insurance

Take out the insurance over the telephone..

  • A fast and easy way to take out insurance

Come see us at a branch office or arrange for a meeting with our advisor.

  • We will prepare a tailored insurance policy to suit your needs
  • We will provide you with professional advice

Frequently asked questions

  • Does the insurance cover cases when I destroy my clubs during the game?

    The policy does not cover mere destruction of your golf equipment during the game. However, if you destroy your clubs or bag in the area of the golf course – by accidentally falling on them, for example – such damage will be covered. Also, we cover damages done to electric golf carts.

  • Does the insurance cover medical expenses in the event that I am at fault of injury of another golf player?

    Yes, the insurance would cover the cost of medical treatment and claims related to permanent consequences, up to the amount of CZK 3,000,000.

  • Is the policy limited by number of claims?

    It is not limited; one of a few, Allianz sets limits per 1 insured event in most cases, where the event can repeat in the course of a year.

  • What happens when someone stoles my bag with my wallet and home keys at a golf course?

    The policy does not apply to such a case. It applies to golf-related situations. Thus, we recommend that you keep your valuables and things not related to golf immediately with you. When travelling abroad, we recommend that you take out travel insurance covering luggage claims.

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