Cookies and their use on

Are cookies used on the Allianz website?

Tracking technologies help us manage and improve the use of the Allianz website, for example by identifying whether there has been any previous contact between us and your computer or by identifying the most popular parts of the Allianz website.

You can use our Cookies Management Tool to manage your cookie preferences, including providing your consent, based on a more detailed description of our use of cookies. The Cookies Management Tool can be found below. You can withdraw your consent to the use of certain cookies at any time using this tool.

Once you have saved your cookies settings, these settings shall be used on future visits to the Allianz website. However, for technical reasons beyond Allianz's control, this cannot be guaranteed. Your cookies settings may be lost, for example, if you reset your browser, delete your cookies or visit the Allianz website from another computer or device. To comply with applicable laws and regulations, in some countries you may be asked to confirm your cookies settings when you first visit the Allianz website. If you are in a country where you are automatically required to set your cookies preferences, you may be asked to set them again on your next visit.

In many cases, you can also set tracking technologies using your browser. Please make sure that your browser settings match whether you wish to be warned or whether you accept tracking technologies (such as cookies). Your browser's specific options and instructions on how to use them are usually provided in your browser's manual or help.

Without tracking technologies, the availability of services provided on the Allianz website may be limited or certain parts of the Allianz website may not function properly.

The controller of cookies as personal data on this website is Allianz pojišt'ovna, a.s. as the operator of the website.

  • The legal reason for the use of technical cookies is the legitimate interest of the operator in the operation of the website.
  • The legal reason for the use of non-technical cookies is the consent of the website user.
  • Possible recipients of personal data are listed in the technical description of cookies.
  • Cookies are stored on the user's computer for a maximum period of 1 year or after the end of the session.
  • If you withdraw your consent to non-technical cookies, they are no longer stored and are deleted.
  • If the user has refused to give consent, consent will not be required again for at least 6 months after the cookie bar has been displayed.


Further information on the processing of personal data can be found here.