With us, you can arrange travel insurance online and in minutes. You can choose from 3 packages that we've tailored to suit holiday travellers and seasoned globetrotters alike, plus a host of add-on insurances. We also offer travel insurance with unlimited medical expenses cover. So you don't have to worry about limits.
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Medical expenses
2 000 000 CZK
Assistance services 24h
1 000 000 CZK
5 000 000 CZK
20 000 000 CZK
Luggage insurance
25 000 CZK
50 000 CZK
100 000 CZK
Consequences of injury
400 000 CZK
500 000 CZK
Death by injury
400 000 CZK
500 000 CZK
Daily compensation for hospitalisation
300 CZK/day, max. 10 days
300 CZK/day, max. 10 days
Legal assistance abroad
80 000 CZK
80 000 CZK
80 000 CZK
Risk sports
possibility to arrange
Cancellation fee insurance
possibility to arrange
possibility to arrange
possibility to arrange
Technical assistance insurance
possibility to arrange
possibility to arrange
possibility to arrange

We'll insure you wherever you go.

Is basic travel insurance enough for you, or do you appreciate a comprehensive solution that covers most risks? We offer both.
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Do you play sports? 150 sports activities are automatically included in the basic travel insurance. You can add 40 more.
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Sometimes things don't work out and you can't go on holiday for serious reasons. When you have our insurance, 80-100% of the cost goes to us.
Cancellation fee insurance


Always contact assistance service, which is available 24 hours a day on +420 283 002 771. Contact details are also provided on the travel insurance card.

Have you ever had travel insurance and still not receive the insurance benefits? We'll be straight with you. Here are the most well-known examples of situations that are not covered by insurance. You can always find more specific conditions in the insurance policy.

  • Costs related to an acute illness that has already arisen before you travel.
  • Unstabilised chronic illness.
  • Costs related to pregnancy after the 32nd week.
  • Injuries sustained following the consumption of alcohol or an addictive substance.
  • Damage to borrowed items (rented skis, business phone, etc.).
  • Damage to items handed over to the carrier (in this case the carrier, e.g. the airline, is responsible for the luggage).

Cancellation fee insurance cannot be used to cancel a trip in a situation where the government has banned travel to the foreign country or destination, or the area has been closed by local authorities.

We recommend contacting the travel agent, ticket vendors, carriers or hotels to arrange for a refund, change of destination or rescheduling.

For online ordering, you can choose from three variants, which you can see in the table above. In this way, you can arrange the insurance yourself in the comfort of your home, quickly and easily. When arranging insurance with a consultant, you can customize the insurance and choose a solution directly for you. You can consult about specific situations and ask any questions you may have. You can also, for example, arrange additional insurance separately or get insured for the whole year for repeated trips. All information can be found in the insurance conditions.
Yes, as part of the cancellation fee insurance we cover the cost of alternative accommodation and return travel in the event of a quarantine ordered abroad due to contact with an infected person that interferes with the planned travel dates.
Covid-19 travel insurance does not cover costs related to: quarantine ordered across the board ordered quarantine in countries designated as extreme risk (black on the 'travel traffic light').
The method of payment for travel insurance is entered at the end of the arranging process. You can choose between payment by credit card or bank transfer. Unfortunately, payment by cash or credit card is not possible at our branches.
Yes, if you choose to pay by bank transfer and forget to pay the insurance, you will receive a friendly notification informing you of the unpaid insurance. If you do not pay the premium in the agreed amount and within the time limit, the insurance will not take effect and you will not be insured.