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Protect your business
and property

  • Complex risk coverage - insurance of your movable property, buildings, business interruption and liability insurance in one contract. 
  • Simplicity - you don't have to deal with complicated individual risks, just choose from 4 packages depending on what cover range you need.
  • Liability insurance - is included in all packages and protects you if you cause to someone else’s operating activities or Product Defect. 
  • Assistance services - we will arrange and pay for help in the event of unexpected emergencies, for example when a pipe bursts, the heating doesn't work or deratization is needed.
We offer tailored solutions for individual needs to provide you 
with the best possible insurance for your situation.

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Protection against the elements, business interruption insurance and liability insurance.
For those of you who want to protect  property against, for example, washing out or breaking glass.
Thanks to our complex cover, we will cover damage caused by theft or vandalism.
The broadest possible protection - the greatest security. It also applies to breakage of machinery or electronics.
Liability base
Nature damages
Business interruption
Additional costs
Emergency assistance services
Water damages
Glass breakage
Burglary and robbery
Breakage of machinery and electric devices
Liability for environmental damage
Data recovery
Earthquake (optional coverage)
possibility to arrange
possibility to arrange
possibility to arrange
possibility to arrange
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