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  • We insure less serious injuries as well as serious permanent consequences
  • In the case of a serious injury, you will receive up to 5-8 times higher compensation
  • In the case of daily compensation, we will pay you the money already after determining and verifying the diagnosis. We don´t wait for the end of the treatment
Serious illness
  • For case of cancer, heart attack, stroke and other 33 diseases
  • Additional insurance FOR women (even for a newly born child)
  • Supplementary insurance FOR the case of cancer
  • Double payment in case of hospitalization in a specialized ARO/ICU bed
  • Insurance benefit also in case of accompanying the child in the hospital
  • In the case of long-term hospital stay,  the insurance benefit can be 5 times higher
  • Insurance coverage already from the 1st stage of disability
  • It ´s possible to arrange the insurance coverage for accidental disability only
  • It can be offered for adults and also for kids
  • We can offer insurance for the case of death. Our life insurance is variable. It can be concluded for one person only or for more family members. 
Child insurance
  • We offer life / accidental insurance for kids.
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Call centre – details about the products, calculations, your current contracts, payments, etc. English speaking opearator is available on Weekdays from 9 am till 5 pm. Would you like to meet us in person in our Prague office? Make a booking and meet our English speaking colleagues on English Wednesdays.

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